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Title: De Quotas
Post by: Charles David on March 04, 2017, 03:23:20 pm
A wise man whose ways seems foolish to the world is one you should learn from.

Spiritual illiteracy is worst than all diseases put together.

One who lives by grace is a baby, one who lives by truth is matured.

Spirituality is Reality, Flesh is Falsehood.

A foolish man lives to die, a wise man dies to live.

The best of knowledge is in it application.

Life is invaluable, even death needs life to live, existence needs life to exist. Yet, is found in the Word. [The word of God is Life]

No matter how fast you move, you cannot overtake your shadow when the sun is far behind you. [Let God Lead The Way]

The flesh is saddened when hunger rules, the same is the spirit without the word.

Sin is symptom of death (Salary gotten after sin is death).